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The lightweight, easy-to-assemble awning alternative!

GO-TARP 4_edited.jpg

Assembles in moments & packs away into a neat drawstring storage bag.

The Go-Tarp canopy is compatible with all models & ages of Go-Pod and

can be erected by one person.

Voted the Go-Pod owner's

'Best Accessory'

Sets up in moments

With various set-up options, the Go-Tarp is a versatile companion.  And after the initial use, (once you're familiar with the procedure & the guy ropes have been pre-adjusted to length), it becomes even faster to put up!

The quick alternative to a full awning, setting up your Go-Tarp requires far less time & effort.

Go-Tarps simply attach to the Go-Pod via the awning bead and rail located above the door.

We recommend reviewing the set up video prior to initial use, then refer to the set up diagram for the suggested guy rope positions.

Lightweight & Compact - just like Go-Pods!

If you like travelling light, the Go-Tarp really fits with the Go-Pod theme. Weighing just 3kg, yet providing a generous sheltered area, for when you're entering or leaving the Pod.


Waterproof and with a UV protective coating on the underside that affords good, solid sun shade when needed. And if the weather’s wet when it’s time to go, just quickly roll it up, pop it in a carrier bag & throw it over a clothes line to dry, when you get home.


Easy... No fuss, no drama.

Extend your living space

There's plenty of room beneath the Go-Tarp's 3m x 3m canopy for a table & chairs. Providing a perfect alfresco dining area, just outside of the kitchen.

Like all true camping tarps, the Go-Tarp’s versatility allows for various configurations, depending on your requirements at the time - whether it's used attached or unattached to the Go-Pod.


1. Select a colour option below.

2. Payment via bank transfer: Please complete the form including your full delivery address & a mobile phone number. Once submitted, you will receive an email with account details, for making the payment.

3. Payment via PayPal: Please use the Buy Now button & follow the instructions. We will dispatch to the delivery address provided on the PayPal form & you will receive an email copy too. Please provide a mobile phone number via the site's Contact Us form, to receive courier tracking updates.


Please visit our FAQs section for the Returns Policy.

Step 1 to order -


Mid Grey Go-Tarp



  • Returns Policy
    Returns are accepted within 14 days of the purchase date. Items must be returned unused and re-packed in a saleable condition, via a 2 day UPS courier service and at the purchaser's expense. Please contact us via the website's contact form below for our return address. Please provide tracking details once dispatched along with your bank / PayPal details for the refund. Once received and checked, the item will be refunded within 3 working days.
  • What are the unique features of Go-Tarps?
    Go-Tarps are the only canopies designed specifically for use with Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans. Waterproof & with a UV protective undercoating which provides excellent shade and from the sun. Without this, the temperature beneath a canopy on a hot day, can feel hotter than it does outside.
  • Can I use my Go-Tarp in bad weather?
    Go-Tarps are waterproof and UV protective, so can be used as both sun & rain shelters. As with all awnings and canopies, it is strongly recommended that they be taken them down in gusty or unsuitable weather conditions, for the safety of you, your neighbours and to avoid risk of damage.
  • What are Go-Tarps?
    Go-Tarps are sun & rain canopies designed specifically for use with Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans. They attach via a beaded strip that threads through the awning rail above the Go-Pod's door, to create a useful sheltered area. Go-Tarps can be set up in a several ways that offer varying degrees of privacy & sheltered area. Please refer to the schematic set up diagram.
  • How do I use a Go-Tarp?
    Go-Tarps are designed for use with Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans. There are a number of ways to configure Go-Tarps to suit different scenarios. And once accustomed, set up takes a matter of minutes and just a few steps. Please refer to the SET UP VIDEO GUIDE above. Following are some tips for setting up in the regular configuration: At one end of the Go-Tarp, you'll find a section of "awning bead" (a thickened circular section with white fabric) which threads through the metal awning channel above the door of the Go-Pod. Please support the bulk of the fabric with one hand while pulling the beading through the channel, so as to prevent the fabric catching or tearing on the end of the meal awning channel. Once the bead is in the channel and centralised, assemble the two poles and unravel the guy ropes, enlarging the bottom loop of each guy rope, so shortening it's length. Locate one of the black fabric loops that are found on either side of the Go-Tarp's midsection and thread the top of one pole through while standing the pole upright. Keeping gentle tension between the pole and the fabric, move further down the edge of the Go-Tarp and locate the guy rope at furthest corner of that side. Retain the tension & extend the guy rope, (in the opposite direction to the Go-Pod), and temporarily peg it down. If the ground is reasonably soft, just pushing it in halfway should do. The pole will stand at a slant until you repeat this step on the other side. With both poles in place and temporarily pegged, straighten the poles up and adjust the guy ropes as required. Please refer to the SET UP DIAGRAM for recommended rope positions. Next, position the middle guy ropes (located by the fabric loops) straight out at 90 degrees to the tarp. This will remove any sagging in the middle. Important: Over-tightening the guy ropes can cause damage to your Go-Tarp. Correct positioning of the poles & pegs is key for a tight, optimal set up. Please refer to the instructions provided with the Go-Tarp. Now position the two final guy ropes at the bead end, towards the front of the Go-Pod, pegging them down in the proximity of the Go-Pod’s wheels. Straighten the poles, make any adjustments as necessary to the length of the guy ropes / peg positions and ensure all pegs are securely in. Tips: Avoid excessive rope tension that could damage the loops of your Go-Tarp. This product is intended for use as a sun / rain canopy and is not suitable for gusty or adverse weather conditions. As with any awning or canopy, you should always take your tarp down in high winds. Some owners choose to attach an additional awning rail to the side of their Go-Pods, allowing them to use their tarp in a side aspect, similar to that of camper vans. Please note that drilling holes in the Go-Pods shell will affect your warranty.
  • What is included with a Go-Tarp?
    1 x Go-Tarp. 2 x sectioned camping poles. 1 x pack of camping pegs. 1 x stow bag. Free UK mainland delivery. Note: Camping poles are generic and additional poles can be purchased from most camping equipment outlets if required.
  • How long will delivery of my Go-Tarp take?
    Once we receive your payment, we aim to dispatch your order next working day via tracked next-day courier service. Tracking information will be provided be email. However please allow 3-5 working days. If paying by bank transfer, please send us an email after making payment to advise that the transfer has been made. PLEASE NOTE - WE ONLY SHIP TO UK MAINLAND DESTINATIONS.
  • Can I buy a Go-Tarp anywhere else?
    Go-Tarps are only available direct from
  • How do I order a Go-Tarp?
    To order a Go-Tarp, first select the colour option; either Olive Green or Mid Grey. Your payment options are PayPal / debit card or bank transfer. Click the "Buy Now" button for PayPal payments. Bank cards can also be used via the PayPal terminal, so no PayPal account is necessary. Or to pay by Bank Transfer, complete the form & receive our bank account details by email.


Covers the basics! By CamLin.

We usually put up our awning but the tarp is really handy if we are just staying overnight or a day or so. Useful area of cover especially to keep out the rain or to give shade for our table and chairs, not to mention the dog, if sunny. Always have it to hand just in case. Stayed put in a really bad storm last summer. Impressed. 


Brilliant accessory. By Alison.

Without doubt one of the best accessories for the Go-Pod. We have used it more than the awning. Would highly recommend buying one with the Go-Pod.


Tarp-tastic. By Jan.

Love the Go-Tarp! Easy to put up, nice n sturdy! Lightweight and easy to store, which means I keep it in the Pod all time, ready to use. Good in either sun or to keep the rain off!


Useful addition. By Elaine.

The Go-Tarp is easy to put up and gives you protection from the elements (rain or sun) at the back of the pod. Having the tarp up gives you the feeling of extra space if you don’t want to bother putting up an awning and adding a wind break gives a little more privacy too. Highly recommend. 


Essential application. By Munro.

I have this Go Tarp and it has limitless applications. It’s very quick to set up and take down. 1 person easy independent set up in minutes. It is my go to item when travelling. Light compact and stylish. 

A Pod Must Have! By Mr & Mrs CP.

The Go Tarp is essential for Podding. It is so quick to put up and provides shelter from the rain or shade from the sun. It has been invaluable this year and has been used many many times. We always use this for one night stays and after the awning has been packed up the day before we leave site. A lot of people think these are the same as cheaper tarps that are available but these are bigger and much better quality. Also, they have the beading sewn on for attaching to the back of the Pod. They can be put up in a variety of different ways and come with their own carry bag. We would be lost without ours. 

Just about right. By Stuart.
The go-tarp compliments the theme of our Go Pod. It's all about convenience and practicality and this canopy is exactly that. Recommended!


Wouldn't be without it. By Caroline.
Prompted to leave this review after seeing the Facebook posts and poll. It's as good as people say and we wouldn't go away without ours.


Our favourite Go-Pods Accessory! By Podsy.
This item is an absolute must have! So easy to put up and provides loads of extra convenience whatever the weather. If it's sunny, we put up our Go-Tarp, if it's rainy we put up the Go-Tarp, if we have been using the awning but plan to go home too, we swap to the Go-Tarp and if its too windy for an awning... up goes the Go-Tarp. Stores away small and lightweight too. We even sometimes take it off and use it on the beach as it gives such awesome shade with the UV coating.

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